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  • JAWS Swim Team offers Swimming Lessons

    JAWS Swim Team is offering Swimming Lessons


  • Two Rivers Activtity Center



    JAMESTOWN, N.D. ( – The final votes are in and preliminary results show that the Two Rivers Activity Center project has passed.

    According to initial reports from Stutsman County, 1,771 voted yes or in approval of the 1% City Sales tax. 1,178 voted no or to reject the use of the sales tax. A total of 893 absentee and early voting ballots were counted and a total of 2,949 ballots were received overall.

    The Jamestown City Council will canvass the votes on Monday, June 8th. The sales tax will be put into effect until June 30th, 2035 to help assist the construction and beginning operations of $28.6 million TRAC project.



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