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Sherry Schutt
Certified yoga instructor
email: your.yogajourney@gmail.com

General Info:

Yoga Journey, LLC
“It’s not a destination or a process, it’s a journey.”
Enrich Your Life!
Enjoy a light-hearted teaching approach to vinyasa flow yoga which incorporates fluid movements with deep, rhythmic breathing.   Linking movement with breath enhances the health benefits of yoga, including improved muscular strength and tone, flexibility, joint mobility, as circulation.  Yoga also helps to create a more focused, calm, meditative state of awareness in (and out) of class. 
Class Information
Location:  The Bunker (Located at 1520 3rd St. SE)
Classes Offered:
• Happy Hour class (5:40-6:40pm) - designed for students who wish to add more energy to their yoga practice. The class will have more enthusiastic flow sequences and enhanced poses while offering instruction and hands-on-adjustments to deepen your yoga journey.   
• Yoga Flow class (6:45pm – 7:45pm) - designed for students who want a slower paced class. Class focus will be on breath, pose alignment and slower, flowing sequences.  This is a great class for those who want to lower their stress level and improve their overall awareness of the mind/body connection.

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