Skating - Figure Skating

James River Figure Skating Club’s skating season begins in September and ends mid-February.  The annual Ice Show in March is optional for those taking lessons and does require an extra fee.  Registration for the season is held at the end of August. Classes are available for all levels of skaters, and are taught by the club professional, Mark Vasarhelyi, who is in his 22nd year with the club.  Basic Levels 1-Pre-Free Skate are the beginning class levels, which teach the fundamentals of skating. The cost for basic levels 1-2 is $240 for the season which can be paid in full or monthly.  Skaters can begin skating at any time during the season, and fees will be pro-rated for those starting after September. Free Skate 1-6 teach more advanced skating techniques.  Competitive training programs are also available for those skaters wishing to further advance their skills for competition, with private lessons given by Coach Mark. Prices vary for those in Basic 3-Competitor. In addition to figure skating, the club offers Hockey Skate classes to teach hockey skating fundamentals to young hockey players.  We also offer an Adult learn-to-skate class.  This class is offered for those "older" students that never got the chance to learn to skate when they were young, but always wanted to. The fee for adults is $150 for the season.  All classes meet twice per week except hockey and adult which meet once per week. The James River Figure Skating Club is a member of the United States Figure Skating Association, and follows the Learn to Skate USA curriculum.  For more information on skating, call Chantel Harr at 320-3993 or email  Additional information can also be found on website